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Community Centered Wedding Officiant

  • 7 hours
  • Upon Consultation
  • At your perfered location or our site

Service Description

Congratulations on your decision to journey forward with the soul you choose to bond with. Our Sistas in Service founder is an Ordained Minister and Celebrant in good standing. Davina D. Estrella Ramey is a community friend and Mother here to support in your union ceremony. Service offerings can include; Writing , crafting, and delivering a meaningful ceremony ( standard) Participation in rehersals ( standard) Collaboration of Attire ( standard) Support in construction of meaningful vows (optional) Organizing the proccession ( in absence of a wedding planner or clergy member) ( optional) Signing of the marriage license ( mandatory) Filing and completeing official paperwork ( mandatory) Also available for Naming Ceremonies, Community Honorings, and Blessing Ways. Please contact consultation *Please note DvinaEstrella is not a judge, denominational priest or an official wedding planner( but can support in some elements of wedding planning.) DvinaEstrella's service is rooted in traditional earth based practices, and she respects all faiths that aligns a person with thier strongest integrity, walking in the faith they choose, and seeks to collaborate to create a beautiful ceremony with you. Dvina Estrellas personal spiritual views do not necessarily reflect the collective views of Sistas in Service International.

Contact Details


San Francisco, CA, USA

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