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Meet the
Women who Serve

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Ashelay Nicole

Certified Full Spectrum Doula, Ceremonialist Facilitator 

My name is Äshélay Nicole, I’m a multifaceted creatress and sacred womban. I see beauty and art in all aspects of life and honor the duality of my experiences, light and dark, to create art, inspire, and to heal. I am honored to be apart of Sistas in Service, together we hold many sacred indigenous technology.


I am a certified full spectrum doula (birth, postpartum & abortion) via Sumis touch Alumni, a certified blactation educator, plant based chef, unschooling (homeschool) mama (10+ years), artist, and much more.


I have a love and appreciation for many different forms of art including: cooking, fashion, painting, photography, modeling, mothering, music, interior decor, spirituality, plant medicine/herbalism, healing, writing and poetry


Birth is a sacred ceremony and it’s our birthright to have a natural physiological birth, in a safe space, undisturbed, heard and held. Or in any way we choose. The westernized medical industry is very corrupt and has robbed us of this right. My goal is to inspire mothers to tap into their divine power and intuition. To trust their body and trust their baby. My purpose is to educate and inform families so that we can raise the consciousness around the truth about birth. Birth shouldn’t be traumatic or treated as an unnatural experience or illness. We were built for this. 



Birth is a ceremony 

Birth is a ritual

Birth is sacred

Birth is transformational

Birth is revolutionary

Birth is powerful

We deserve to take back our power and our birthright



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Obi Onwa

Founder of

Mending Root Temple

Blessings! My name is Obi Ọnwa and I am the founder of Mending Root Temple, where we work with traditional african medicines, teachings and healing modalities to rebuild our respective nations.


We recognize the importance of having community, and operate under the blueprint of re-building that village where each person plays their role. No matter their complexion or ethnic background, we all deserve to end the healing journey and enter the season of enjoying life.


I enjoy being in nature, pottery, dancing, making medicine and going for walks. and enjoy listening and sharing in the community.


I cultivated my medicine training in Central West Africa from the Missoko Bwiti and come from a long line of medicine people through my own Nigerian lineages.


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SISI bio photo Xofia.jpg
SISI bio photo Xofia.jpg

Xofia Cielo

Holistic Doula/ Grief Circulo Facilitatior


My name is Sofia (sabiduria) and I also gave myself the name Xofia Cielo in memory of my Mama who has always watched over my family from the skies/cielos. I am a Chicana born in Los Angeles~ Tongva land, but come from a lineage of parents born in Northern Mexico (Guanajuato y Zacatecas). I also come from a lineage of family who immigrated to Mexicali in Baja Cali and worked South to North as campesinx. My healing journey began as a response to childhood trauma of abuse and loss. There was a moment when I began to hear a call for a deeper medicine. A medicine for my spirit that I felt was sick in a way that western medicine would not have the remedy for. In this knowing I became connected with people who have helped me find different parts of the medicine for my spirit: journey/visual meditation, sweat lodge/temazcalli medicina, crystal medicine, Curanderismo, earth tending, plantitas, womb healing, song+dance+arts, Coyolxauqui and Moon dance. I have worked with children and families for 9 years in play-based education, arts, and community organizing. I have stepped into a place of service to uplift wombyn, black+ brown indigenous folx, immigrant Latinx, LGBTQ+ community by supporting those that are moving through trauma and transformation. I'm dedicated to the walk of Curanderismo, los 4 vientos, and doing heart-centered work to support me in my service as I show up for my community. ~ Todo lo que me hace sufrir lo veo a los ojos y aprendo a vivir ~  I am thankful to the teachings of Maestra Tereza Iniguez, Campesina Womb Justice, Mexica- Anahuac lineage and Moon dance sisters. Currently, I am in service offering Cerradas/Sealings, Grief Circulos/Grief Doula, Limpias, and starting my journey as a Holistic Doula.



Sofia Elias Educator, Musician, Community Organizer

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Ayndriea Ponds-El

Sunset Doula/

Grief Counselor Facilitator


Ayndriea, Guardian of Sacred Wisdom Ayndriea is a revered Taino/Moorish woman, a guardian of sacred wisdom, and a beacon of healing light within her community. Born into a lineage rich with indigenous traditions and ancient wisdom, Ayndriea has devoted her life to preserving and sharing the spiritual legacy of her ancestors. With a deep connection to the natural world and the spiritual realms, Ayndriea has emerged as a trusted guide and healer, specializing in death doula services, community events, and transformative healing practices. Her journey as a Death Doula began with a profound calling to accompany souls on their final journey, offering compassionate support, spiritual guidance, and sacred rituals to ease their transition. Ayndriea's work extends far beyond the realm of death; she is a tireless advocate for women's healing and empowerment. Through her workshops, ceremonies, and one-on-one sessions, she creates safe spaces for women to reclaim their bodies, embrace their beauty, and heal from the wounds of the past. With a focus on body positivity and self-love, Ayndriea encourages women to embrace their unique essence and celebrate their inherent worthiness. Drawing from her deep understanding of indigenous traditions and medicines, Ayndriea weaves together ancient wisdom and modern healing modalities to address the intergenerational trauma that plagues her community. Through ancestral ceremonies, plant medicine teachings, and energetic healing practices, she guides individuals and families on a journey of profound healing and transformation, bridging the gap between generations past and present. Ayndriea is commitment to her ancestral roots and the spiritual well-being of her community is unwavering. She serves as a bridge between worlds, honoring the wisdom of the past while inspiring hope for the future. With humility, compassion, and boundless love, Ayndriea continues to walk the path of sacred service, illuminating the way for all who seek healing, connection, and spiritual growth.

For inquiries about Ayndriea's services or to connect with her for healing sessions and workshops, message us! 

Sunset Doula

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Mama DvinaEstrella

Full Spectrum Doula, Ceremonial Singer, Herbalist, Craftswoman, Counselor, Survivor, Educator

Mama DavinaEstrella is a multidisciplinary Artist, Performer, Craftswoman, Wholistic Wellness Practitioner,Ceremonialist Survivor and Educator, known most famously in the Bay  Area for providing strong, beautifully fragranced and uniquely designed incense, through her first business ,Incense Gurl Handcrafted and Fragrant Wares founded in 1998. A  Wife, Mother of 7 and Grandmother to 1, she has taken her healing  work to the next level and serves the community as a trauma informed Full Spectrum  Doula, Herbalist, a Peer Counselor, CSEC Mentor, and Ceremonial Singer . She's founded two community wellness organizations called Water & Honey Community Well Inc. and Sistas In Service International. Iya DvinaEstrella is  always striving to make her ancestors proud, to create, and to share her story with young people, to help them find  their gifts, and encourage them towards their highest destinies.

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