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Traditional P-Partum /Grief/Transition

Traditional Healing

  • 24 hours
  • Upon Consultation
  • At your perfered location or at our site

Service Description

The closing of the bones is an Indigenous ceremony and body work technique practiced in North Africa, Asia, Mexico, Central/South America, and sometimes the Caribbean. The ceremony is offered traditionally in the postpartum period but can also be received by anyone who has experienced grief, trauma, major life accomplishments, birthdays, or any one whom needs regenerative healing, and deep tlc. The intention is to give the recipient the opportunity to express themself around their birth experience, love, loss, grief, or transition and receive much needed support during such monumental life changing events. A person can share their birth story, cry, laugh, or express themselves in any way needed. The closing can be very effective, even for births, grief, loss, or pivotal moments that happened long ago. Specific to birth, the hips are know to expand in childbirth, it is the portal of all life and is a place which supports the rest of the upper body, it carries a lot of weight and can hold a lot of energy. Those trained to work with the Melhafa, Kourzia, or the Rebozo cloth give a gentle rocking massage on the body. We rock back and forth with the cloth, which produces a soothing feeling similar to a baby being rocked by the mother, and we "close" by swaddling the recipient. This has proven to provide a big release and move the emotional energy in a powerful way, providing closure to one chapter of life and fortification to move forward feeling renewed and rebirthed. The entire ceremony it is designed to hold, detox, warm, and comfort the woman. The offering is conducted in a space of your choosing or at our location , we usually have at least two women come to care for you but you are more than welcome to have two additional supporters to accompany you. This is womb work. It is traditionally a womens ceremony, a space cultivated for sisterhood, motherhood, and deep healing, although anyone can receive the closing and it can be adjusted to individuals. Depending on the needs of the recipient , this entire session can take many hours, and recipients can always decide if they want to receive all parts of the offering or just some parts. Please message to be connected with our Network of women offering this service. Special considerations for no low or no income BIPOC, migrant workers, undocumented citizens, housless community members, victims of human trafficking. rape crisis survivors.

Contact Details


Fred Jackson Way, Richmond, CA, USA

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