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Postpartum Steam Moxa Massage Bind

  • 1 hour
  • 275 US dollars
  • At your perfered location or our site

Service Description

Womb Massage is a massage for the Womb/ Sacral/ Solar Plexus/Abdomen, offered to women and birthing people in the post partum period to support the uterus returning to its normal size. Massage in the post partum period also inhances circulation and facilitates lymphatic drainage so the body can release excess fluid built up during pregnancy, for this reason, massage can be extended to the full body with ommission of genital region. The womb and body massage is based on traditional practices in Africa, Central, and South America. Moxabustion Moxa is a form of heat therapy in which dried plants ( usually mugwort) is burned close to the skin. Bringing warmth to the area applied to. In pregnancy, a woman's body builds up a lot of heat that starts to release after delivery. Cold coming into the body can create sickness. Moxa brings warmth to the place applied. In this case, the uterus abdomen and even the lower back. To help speed recovery by increasing blood flow to the area, restoring blood loss, shrinking the uterus back down, and addressing other concerns. It is warm comforting and pain relieving in many cases. Moxabustion is not only for postpartum or birthing people. Anyone can utilize the many benefits of this remedy to address myalgia and the like. Belly Binding has many benefits in the post partum stage, including supporting the muscle of the abdomen, help the belly to close, help with pain due to post partum uterine contractions, and give the birthing person more stability. These offerings can be conducted in your home or at our location. Additional fees may be assessed for long distance travel. If you are interested, we can also show you how to wear your baby! Massage facilitators are trained but not licensed massage therapists and do not diagnose or cure any illness. Participants assume all liability when incorporating traditional massage methods into their lifestlye. The fee for this service is $275 for one visit. Package rates are available for re-occurring services. Please contact us for more information. Congratulations on your new addition!

Contact Details


Fred Jackson Way, Richmond, CA, USA

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