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North African Moroccan Postpartum

  • 3 hr
  • Upon Consultation
  • At your perfered location

Service Description

Traditional Moroccan Post-partum healing certified by Layla B's TNPS. We apply modalities out of Africa that are centuries old and center the deep care, upliftment , and protection of the mother in the postpartum period no matter how she birthed or if her baby survived. A mother whose baby did not survive is still, in fact, a mother, and she still needs the same love and tender care. Similar to the Central and South american Cerrada, this care consists of sacred postpartum planning, bathing , closing, nurturing, and preparing warming nourishing foods, as well as celebration of her journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. We absolutely adore and enjoy babies and always love to share in and celebrate the new life, and of course, we will lend a hand while we are present, however our work strongly focuses on Mothering the Mothers. We strongly believe that anyone, family and friends coming into a postpartum woman's home should be coming to be of support, not to be entertained. Our main focus is utilizing these age old healing rituals, full of wisdom, determined to bring support, honor, feed, nurture, cleanse, close and celebrate our birthing women for the first 40 days at the very least, the most sensitive time for the new mother, after giving birth. Did you know it can take a year or more for a womans body to recover from birth? Give yourself or the carrier of life, you love, this gift? Our package offerings are customizable and can include a variety of traditional post partum care services including meals for the whole family. Please message to be connected for further consultation. Thank you, and congratulations!

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San Francisco, CA, USA

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